The Adventure of Advent

Ahh….Advent. In the midst of each to-do list, and peeking out from underneath the wrapping paper, ribbon, and recipes, there is a beautiful, simmering peace to this season.

An integral part of being intentional for me, is being present. The practice of presence is what I’m doing differently this season. Yes, there have been lists to cross off, and yes, there have been seemingly unending holiday details to attend to. But, through it all, I’m making a choice to savor it rather than just get through it.

You see, in my former way of thinking, I would assume that once I had crossed this off my list, or once that was over, then I could relax and enjoy the season.

That, dear friends, is exhausting.

Life is too short, and this precious advent season is too. If we’re not careful, we can let all the holiday distractions keep us from truly being awed by our Savior and His birth.

I think that’s where I am today. I am in awe. Awestruck. Awesome-struck. I want to soak in every moment I can.

Every moment won’t be calm (hello, offspring, I’m talking to you), but our time can be filled with joy and anticipation. We’re counting down, crossing off the days, reading scripture, telling snowman jokes, snitching an extra cookie, battling rabbits for domain over our outdoor twinkling lights*, and just being a family.

Let the love of this season fill you with awe. Open the greatest gift ever. Reopen it, if it’s gotten lost somewhere under the wrapping paper. It will be the best gift you’ve ever accepted.

What fills you with wonder and awe this time of year?

Looking ahead,


* The rabbits won. Apparently the Christmas lights lining our driveway are delicious! The rabbits have gnawed through most the strands. We are waving the white flag. Enjoy your victory, little furballs. We’ll train during the off-season, so be ready next year. Tell your fluffy-tailed friends too.


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