Fall: In Pictures

It been a while. Have I missed you? Yes! I think of you often, friend. However, in the busyness of the past several weeks, it’s been a challenge to create a single, coherant thought. So that, in turn, makes it difficult to write in complete sentences. Complete sentences seem to be important when writing. So…no coherant thoughts equals incomplete sentences equals no writing. Hmm…I think I’ve said too much. I’m rethinking whether my brain was ready now.

Anyway, BUSY FALL. Let’s just leave it at that. Until my brain catches up, here’s a snapshot of our fall in pictures.


These are homemade fabric pumpkins. Wrap some fabric around a roll of toilet paper. Jab something stemish in the top. Done.


View from the back of a tractor at the pumpkin patch. This just makes me happy.


The kids and I had a great time repurposing these hedge apples that are found on the ground EVERYWHERE this time of year. This is about as spooky as my Halloween decorations get. Eeeek…owl cupcakes. Scary.


And…just so it doesn’t appear that everything is picture perfect around here, this is what my house looked like one gorgeous day this fall. If you’re saying, “it looks like there’s a giant hole in your house!”. Well then, observant reader, you would be right. We replaced every window in our house. If that sounds like a big deal, it is. If that sounds like it would take a while, it did. Doesn’t it look a bit like a dollhouse? Pretty and intact on the inside. Totally open on the front. Suffice it to say, my doll daugther freaked out when she saw her room like this!


Hope your fall has been full of blessings, and that you’ve been able to pause in the midst of the busy and crazy and to-do lists and obligations. Pause and enjoy the potato heads in your life. I know I’m trying to…they won’t be small fries forever. I couldn’t help it. Corny puns are my jam.

What does fall look like from where you’re sitting?

Looking ahead,



One thought on “Fall: In Pictures

  1. You’re absolutely right!!!! I have missed you! However as busy as recent weeks have been for me, I couldn’t imagine having your schedule with a family +writing a blog. Thanks so much. I love your writing.. Your pics were all fun & told your story well. Stay well & be in touch. Love you, Shirley

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