Unlimited Funds

What’s that, you ask? It’s that pretend scenario we all daydream about from time to time, where money is no object. So we ask ourselves what we would do if we had these elusive “unlimited funds”. Or maybe more importantly, what we would no longer do.

So just for fun, let’s pretend that money is of no concern. What would you happily pay allow someone else to do for you? Would it be cleaning your house? Shopping for your groceries? Whipping you into shape?

Instead of to-do lists, let’s make a not-gonna-do list today!

Here’s my list of chores I’d happily let someone else do for me…

  • pick out my clothes (I believe I’ve explained this in my “Capsulize It” post, if I were fancy, I’d provide a link here, but baby steps, people.) 
  • put on my makeup (Because, why not? The smoky eye is not in my skill set.)
  • paint my nails (The DIY french mani-pedi is a myth.)
  • make my meals (and grocery shop while they’re at it…)
  • wash, fold, and put away laundry (The “put away” step gets me every time.)
  • get, and keep, me in my best physical shape (I don’t want to have to think about this one, I just need Sven or Olga to give it to me straight, and stand there until I’ve done that last rep.)

Then here’s the list of things I’d probably have to hold onto, no matter how hard I tried to let go…

  • cleaning my house (I just know, know, know that I would feel compelled to clean before they came over to clean anyway, so I’ll save my moolah and give it to Olga after she motivates me to my first ever six-pack abs.)
  • decorating my house (I enjoy this too much to let someone else have all the fun.)
  • my hair (Curly-headed girls unite. We don’t really “do” our hair, and the more we “do”, the worse it gets. So we’ll just let it be.)

Basically, if it relates to my house, I’ll keep it. If it is remotely related to my personal care, I’ll let someone else do it or just tell me what to do. With three kids, there will still be plenty to care for, am I right?

It’s fun to think about, isn’t it? Now I really should snap back to reality. There’s laundry to be done, and meals to be made, and if I’m lucky, I’ll squeeze in a walk.

You, on the other hand, keep daydreaming just a few minutes longer.

What would you “not do” with unlimited funds? Leave a comment so we can all pretend together.


Looking ahead,



One thought on “Unlimited Funds

  1. Can I allow you to decorate my house? 🙂 Makeup and hair, definitely. Personal chef, yep. The only problem I am having is figuring out what I would keep. 🙂


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