Trust the Process

For those of you who know me well, it will come as no surprise that I love decorating projects. My mom once told me that I’m the only person she knows who would immediately start redecorating a brand new house. True. I will repaint, recover, repurpose, or rearrange anything that’s not nailed down.

I love a project. My dear hubby might be known to lovingly suggest from time to time that I have too many projects hanging out in the garage. At any rate, it’s a fun hobby of mine.

In my decorating style, I strive for a “collected over time” vibe. I love it when a room comes together gradully, and by gradually I mean after gathering project pieces from various garage sales and thrift stores vs. gradually bringing pieces home from exotic, international travel destinations.

...After that
…After that

I prefer shabby chic, farmhouse, and french country finishes to anything too smooth, modern, or pristine. I feel at home surrounded by pieces that have an aged, distressed look to them. A history. Even if that “history” only involved the past week, moving them from a random garage sale, into my garage, and then into my home after being made over into something else entirely.


To me, my style feels comfortable, casual, and forgiving, and is perfect for a recovering perfectionist like me…see what I did there? (That, my friend, is another post entirely.)

When I start a project I always have the end result in mind, what I’d like the finished project to do, look like, or be. There are usually several steps to be taken to get to that end result (clean, sand, paint, distress, stain, reupholster, etc.), and if I would stop and declare it done on step 3 of 7, it would look, and feel, all wrong. Like that old saying goes, “it gets worse before it gets better”, right?

It’s at that midway point in a project (when it looks worse than before I started), that I have be known to have a moment of doubt. Maybe this project will tank. Maybe this plan is flawed. Maybe this will end up in the junk pile.

Fortunately, given a little time, a step back for perspective,  and a return with fresh eyes, I can typically see my end goal and remember to trust the process. That’s my mantra in the midst of uncertain creativity…trust the process. Trust that the plan that’s been put in place will work. Trust that the end result will be worth every step it took to get there.

Hmm…I don’t think we’re talking about decorating projects anymore, are we?

I think this philosophy could apply to so much more than painting, distressing, and staining a side table, don’t you?

Life is beautiful and life is fulfilling, but life can feel like plain hard work. Sometimes you have to squint pretty hard to see the progress in the “project” that is your life. Sometimes the steps required to get where you want to go, seem like too much trouble, or appear too hard in comparison to where you’ve been. Sometimes it’s really difficult to see how it’s all going to work out when you’re at that frustrating midway point. Sometimes it just looks and feels ugly. Sometimes the recovering perfectionist in you would rather stop before you get started, just in case it’s not going to pan out.

God continues to remind me that each step of my life is part of a great big project. Although, in this great big project, I’m not the designer, the planner, or the one with the vision. He is.

There’s no doubt, I’m still in progress. I could use a bit more cleaning in the dusty corners of my soul, a sanding down of my rough edges. But, I can be certain that His plan is not flawed. It is beautifully designed, and it is for me.

My job for today, and every other one following that? To trust the process. To trust His process. To wake up every day trusting Him for the next step, knowing that each one gets me a tiny bit closer to completion.


How do you “trust the process” in the project of your life?


Looking ahead,



One thought on “Trust the Process

  1. Angie Dear, You really struck a nerve! When I read this earlier this week I had just returned from a nearly 4hr. meeting of the Sr. Pastor Search Committee on which I’m serving. Trust the Process is a good reminder of where our committee needs to re-focus. Your writings are so thought-provoking. I really look forward to the next one….. Hope the first few days of school have gone well for all of you. Keep on keepin’ on! Love you, Shirley

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