If only I knew what I knew, you know?

Here we go! 

Welcome to In Hindsight, I’m glad you’re here!

Let’s just pretend for a moment that you and I are besties, and we’re hanging out in my kitchen over hot mochas, or lounging on my deck sipping pinot. (If you’re reading this, and you actually are a bestie of mine, then no pretending required). So, let’s say we stumble upon this whole topic of “what would we go back and tell our younger, naive selves” if given the chance? What would we think important enough to impart on our underdeveloped, teenaged brains, in hindsight?

Here’s mine…hey little Ang, listen carefully dear, I’ll speak slowly.

  • Wear sunscreen for the love of Pete (love you, hon). No one needs a “base” tan. Sunscreen is cheaper now in 1994 than anti-aging creams, serums, masks, and balms will be 20 years from now.
  • Wear that two-piece to the pool, heck, wear it to the mall. Modesty, schmodesty. Your stomach will never be so flat again. All that skin and muscle doesn’t end up exactly in it’s original position after three pregnancies.
  • That boy is not the love of your life. You have a whole future ahead of yourself with a hunky hubby, and gorgeous kiddos to look forward to. Hint: It doesn’t involve this guy. Move on.
  • Your parents love you. They are right. Period. They have this lovely little thing called hindsight, give them a listen.
  • Take yourself a little less seriously, and please don’t get caught up in drama with your friends. If you can’t even remember what you’re fighting about, then beg them for forgiveness, and go make some happy, drama-free memories.
  • Please don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. There will be a day (just.one.day.) when you’d give anything for 24 hours with little to no responsibilities. There will also be grown up days when you still just need your mommy.
  • God’s got this. He truly does work everything together for good. He makes everything beautiful (Eccl. 3:11), and that includes you.

What would you go back and tell your younger self? I’d love to hear.

Oh, by the way, you may have noticed there’s no place to “like” me. It’s simple really, I’m a bit counter-culture and old-school. So, while I’d love it if you liked me, really liked me, you’ll have to let me know the old-fashioned way…email, postcard, singing telegram, interpretive dance, etc. 

Looking ahead,




5 thoughts on “If only I knew what I knew, you know?

  1. Oh my word. You crack me up! Yes, I should have worn that bikini like crazy. You are my own personal Jen Hatmaker. I own you, like copyright. Keep it spicy friend!


  2. Love this, sweet friend! Yep, I should have worn that two piece AND slathered on sunscreen (darn you sun spots!). I do remember our mothers mentioning something like this to us. Whatever. 🙂


  3. I love your blog. Thanks for inviting me to follow along on your philosophical journey with you! You have such insight and a warm sense of humor to go with it.
    I would tell my younger self to quit being so self conscious! Embrace your quirks and idiosyncrasies. They are what make you special! Love God, yourself, and others and things will work out.


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